New Engine specifications

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New Engine specifications

Postby Neil Spooner » Tue Mar 18, 2008 3:48 am

Hi Pat/anyone interested,

I have moved this discussion from "Nipper updates" so that it is easier for others to find if they have any interest............Pat and I were discussing his new Nipper project and the ignition system.

You will need to check with David Mickleburgh (Leburg) if he will supply you a complete system, if there are a few of you that would like one then the chances of him building a batch are greater.

The Leburg system I have installed uses the Ford Visteon (which are lighter) coils, which I got from an aftermarket supplier, cheaper than the genuine article, but beware, there are some pattern units that are of questionable quality. The Alternator is from the CBR600 item that Leburg recommends, and indeed his system is designed around, the supply of this alternator is via motorcycle breakers. You could as he says, use the external sensor system, but then you would be relying only on battery power, unless you can find an alternator setup that will work. Have a good read of the web page as it has all the info' there.

If you don't have an engine yet, could I suggest you go for a Great Plains or similar 2180cc engine? ( ) If you use the alloy cylinders, 10lbs lighter that are now available, and the long throw crank which is 6lbs heavier, use the Leburg system with alternator, you end up with an engine that is the same weight as the 1834cc with cast cylinders, but has an alternator and electronic ignition. The 2180 engine produces 10 more hp and more torque. The other possibility is the revmaster engine, but the ancillaries on the back are a problem ( ... /index.htm )

The cylinders ARE NOT NIKASIL!! There was some confusion by Great Plains, when I recieved my cylinders and had a very close look at them I thought the machining to look nothing like the Porsche cylinders I have worked on previously, a magnet soon proved them to be lined with steel. This I believe is not a problem, as this design has been around yonks and shouldn't be a problem. The us$ rate is so good at the moment it makes this engine a cheap alternative to others.

Re' inverted systems:

The oil pickup needs modifying while the engine is split to move the pump inlet to the side/front of the engine. The oil is then fed to the pump via an external changeover valve to supply either from the sump or the rocker covers. The engine breather system will also need modifying.

The fuel system needs mod's in fitting a flop tube to the tank, fuel selector, and a carb' that will work inverted. The Ellison is no longer available in the size to suit a VW, so you will need to check out either AeroVee ( ) or Revmaster ( ... /index.htm ) carburettors, I have no experience of these carb's, obviously the LAA need to be consulted.

I brought back a Great Plains engine the previous time I was in the USA, it is still unbuilt, as I am going to get G-ONCS flying with the 1834 to go have some fun, and build the 2180 at my leisure.

Hope all that helps,

A little help goes a long way.
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Re: New Engine specifications

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