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Postby RJRipley » Sat Dec 23, 2023 4:02 pm

Can anyone help please ?
What is the cause of the overvoltage lights flashing on the Leburg , I appreciate it is as stated overvoltage but what is causing this , can it be the rectifier regulator gone US ? RiP

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Re: Leburg

Postby JimCrawford » Mon Dec 25, 2023 10:51 am

Hi RiP, seasons greetings.

The high volts warning on the Leburg units is set to 15.5 volts so that's getting into an area where battery damage is possible, depending on the exact battery type. Some avionics may be stressed, although most modern kit is 12 & 24 volt compatible I've measured the output from the Honda alternator (before the regulator) at 45 volts at max revs
I would suggest running the ignition from a separate 12 volt battery and measure the aircraft bus voltage. I've used a spare 12V 7AH glider battery for this. Have all the other electrics switched off. An out of limits voltage here would indicate that the regulator has packed in or, possibly, that the regulator isn't seeing the flywheel effect of the main battery, although I'm not sure how that would occur but the wiring scheme presented in the Leburg documentation is a bit iffy in my opinion.

Good hunting



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