Tipsy Nipper T.66 MkII

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Tipsy Nipper T.66 MkII

Postby dbartlett » Thu Jan 13, 2022 4:53 am

Expressions of Interest

Around 1966, our father, Roy Bartlett, purchased a Tipsy Nipper T.66 MkII. From then, until he was in his 80s, the Tipsy was the focus of his interests. Almost every weekend over those years was spent either flying, servicing, or improving the aircraft.

Dad was a master tradesman in the true sense of the word. Air Force trained spray painter, and able to turn his hand to any task, his attention to detail, and obsession with exactness was legendary. Every part of this aircraft has been touched by his hands. The airframe was stripped back to the bare structure and completely re-skinned. The Volkswagen engine was upgraded and fully rebuilt. He spared no expense when it came to his beloved Tipsy.

By 2014, Dad's health and ability to drive safely to the airstrip/hanger, were in decline. In March 2014, he and I removed the wings, and transported the aircraft to his home in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, to be stored in his workshop shed. It has been there since. This is a very dry climate area.

Dad passed away in 2015. After much family deliberation, the decision has been made to sell this aircraft. As a fitting tribute to his love of flying and this aircraft in particular, we are hopeful that there is a person who has the means and passion to keeps Dad's Tipsy flying for decades to come.

We are seeking offers and expressions of interest to purchase and remove the aircraft from Ipswich. The focus of any offer is not the dollar value, but the intentions and passion of the person(s) making such offer.

We believe that in 2014 when the Tipsy was decommissioned, it was one of only two Tipsy Nippers still flying in Australia (not verified). It is not museum quality nor authentically original. It is a practical, well sorted, well maintained, recreational aircraft. I don't believe it has had the tall pilot modification.

The sale will include any and all documentation that we possess, and fibreglass moulds for various bodywork panels. A new propeller is fitted.

Additional photographs, video of the starting procedure and the engine running prior to decommissioning, and other supporting information is available on request.

Please pass this post on to any person you think may be interested. Thank you. Dale Bartlett

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Re: Tipsy Nipper T.66 MkII

Postby dbartlett » Wed May 11, 2022 2:02 am

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