HELP!!! VW cylinder head wanted

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HELP!!! VW cylinder head wanted

Postby G-BLMW » Wed Jul 06, 2016 7:29 pm

Hi Everyone,

Yes I'm still Nippering (well I was until a couple of weeks ago!!). Story is, spark plug seized in. This particular plug hole was already repaired with an insert (not helicoil). upshot is an unrepairable head Sad . Soooo question is, does anyone have a single port 1834cc head with the extra plug holes that they want to sell? Or even a 1600cc head, I can get the heads machined to take the bigger barrels.
The other option is a new head and I could try to get the bottom plug holes machined. A jig would be handy if anyone has one to lend.
Hopefully I will get it all sorted Very Happy before the LAA rally at Sywell. Who's going??

In Anticipation

Kind regards

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