10 January 2019: Happy New Year.

A new year, and a new radio! With the change in law, NIPR has just had a new 8.33 radio fitted. Another Icom. Not quite ‘drop in and go’, the power lead required changing from the older system. All worked well and the radio seemed strong during the air test.

23 November 2018: NIPR Flies at last!

After nearly three months of no flying, I was delighted to get NIPR into the Highland winter skies today. Not the best of weather, but certainly flyable. She started with the second swing of the prop, which was very impressive.
I hope to fly her more in the coming months.

13 August 2018. NIPR local flight.

Work and family pressures have been preventing too much Nippering of late, but we managed a short trip recently.
NIPR started well, and we flew a twenty minute general handling trip out and back to the Inverness base.

12 June 2018. Come on you Nipper owners!

Come on all. Let’s get the Nipper group going in earnest.
The flying season is upon us and I’m sure you are all embarking on adventures, be they grand or small.
Just drop me a line via the contact page, or to my email address.

Send me a paragraph or two and a few pictures and I’ll add them to the blog.
Show the other members what fun you have been having, and perhaps inspire others to get involved.

27 May 2018. Late evening sunset flight.

With the change of seasons, and also the clocks, it’s great to have the chance for late evening flights. Sunset at my Inverness base is now approaching the airport closure time of 2200. So I took the chance for a half an hour aerobatics trip overhead the airport, just beautiful.

4 April 2018. A special Spring evening flight.

With an unexpected improvement in the weather, I managed to get a very special quick evening flight in NIPR.
Heading South from our base at Inverness airport, I flew around a very quiet and unpopulated area amongst the hills and mountains. After checking that it was indeed unpopulated, we dropped down to very low-level and enjoyed a lovely twenty mins of exhilarating flying. NIPR handled beautifully and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip.
Unfortunately I had to return to work in China a few days later, and NIPR is awaiting my return!

Welcome to the Nipper blog page!

The purpose of this page is allow owners to share their daily experiences of flying their aircraft, and perhaps add a picture of the trip too. Tell us about your flight, be it a local bimble or an epic journey.

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